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 Council Elections

Council Elections provide an opportunity to vote for candidates who will represent your community. You can also nominate to stand for election as a Council Member.

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2018 Local Government Elections

In South Australia, council elections are held every four (4) years for all 68 councils except the Municipal Council of Roxby Downs, which operates under its own administration. The most recent periodic council elections were held in November 2014.

Council Election Brochure - Enrol Nominate Vote(2321 kb)

The next council elections will take place during November 2018 and will be conducted by the Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA).

A quick reference timetable has been released by the Local Government Association (LGA) of South Australia (2018 Council Elections Quick Reference Timetable). Key dates are as follows:-


Key Dates

Roll Close Friday 10 August 2018 (5pm)
Nominations Open Tuesday 4 September 2018
Nominations Close Tuesday 18 September 2018 (12 Noon)
Mail out of Voting Material Monday 22 - Friday 26 October 2018
Close of Voting Friday 9 November 2018 (5pm)
Scrutiny and Counting of Votes Saturday 10 November 2018




Nominate for Council - CLOSED

Nominations for the 2018 Local Government Elections have now closed.

The Electoral Commission of South Australia will mail out voting material, from Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October 2018.



Useful Resources

If you are considering nominating to be on council, the following links provide a range of useful information and resources from the 2014 election. Please note these materials will be updated before the next council election.

Further information (i.e. responsibilities, enrolment, voting, eligibility etc.) regarding local government elections can be obtained from the ECSA and the LGA, website links as follows:-



Voting in council elections is done by post.

If you are on the state (House of Assembly) electoral roll or have completed an enrolment to join the supplementary roll, you will receive a voting pack in the mail in late October 2018.

The ballot paper in your voting pack will show the candidates standing for election in your council ward.

Votes must be received before 5pm Friday 9 November 2018.

Get involved and make a difference. Local democracy is an important feature of life in Australia, and councils have a far greater influence on communities than most people appreciate. 



How the Elections Work

All Local Government elections are conducted using the counting system known as proportional representation. In summary, a candidate is elected when a quota or predetermined proportion of the total number of formal ballot papers cast is obtained.

To find out more about the elections and how the voting system works, visit the Electoral Commission SA's Council Election Fact Page and the SA Local Government Association 2018 Council Elections page.

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