In South Australia most new development requires approval under the Development Act 1993 and associated Development Regulations 2008. This legislation is established by the South Australian Parliament to control the use and development of land throughout the state.

Council is the relevant authority responsible for assessing most development applications against the provisions of Council’s Development Plan. Importantly, no development can be undertaken before a Development Approval is issued by Council.



Types of Development

Common forms of development include:

•    Building work including construction, demolition or removal of a building (also includes the construction of extensions and some modifications to existing buildings)
•    A change in the use of land
•    The division of an allotment

Some less recognised forms of development requiring approval include:

•    Excavation or filling within a flood plain
•    Advertising
•    Modifications, including painting, to a heritage listed building

Some acts and activities are declared not to be development and do not need a Council approval.


How to lodge a Development Application

The following documents will assist you with lodging a Development Application with Council:

•    Development Application Form & Fees

•    Building Safely Near Powerlines – Declaration Form

•    Powerline Clearance Declaration Guide

•    Development Applications – What You Need to Know

•    Onsite Wastewater Application Form
(for developments that require the disposal of wastewater)

You are encouraged to obtain preliminary advice from Council’s Planning Services staff prior to lodging a Development Application with Council.

The following application forms are provided by the Adelaide Plains Council as a community service and as a guide only to key elements of the South Australian Planning and Building system.

For a more thorough understanding of the system or for any specific enquiries concerning the use and development of land, professional advice should be sought or please contact the Environment & Development Services Department for further assistance.


Development Application Register

Council is required by the Development Act 1993 to maintain a register of development applications.

The current Development Application Register is outlined below :


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