Council Offices and Library Re-Open

In accordance with the latest expert advice and in particular, the Emergency Management (Stay at Home No 3) (COVID-19) (Revocation) Direction 2020, Council’s Offices (both at Mallala and Two Wells) will re-open from 9am, Monday 23 November 2020.

Council’s Library Service will also recommence as per usual operating hours, with our Two Wells branch open from 9am, Tuesday 24 November 2020.

Further to our precautionary action to shut our Two Wells Service Centre last week, this site has since undergone a thorough clean and we are confident that there are no immediate risks to the health and safety of our community or staff.

Hygiene and social distancing measures remain in place and must be adhered to, including regular hand washing/sanitising and observing the one (1) person per four (4) square metres rule, which means only one (1) customer at the front counter at any time.

We strongly encourage customers to consider alternatives, where possible, to visiting Council’s offices to request a service. Requests can be submitted by:

Council’s response to COVID-19 is being guided by the latest advice from government and health authorities. Further updates can be accessed at

We appreciate your continued understanding and patience during this time.

COVID-19 Information

If you are concerned about COVID-19 go to the South Australian Government website dedicated to COVID-19 for the latest medical advice and official reports by clicking here

For information relating to Adelaide Plains Council please visit

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Council By-Laws

In accordance with Sections 246 -253 of the Local Government Act 1999 the Adelaide Plains Council is able to establish by-laws. By-laws are local laws relevant to and established by Council to address issues specific to our District.

Council currently has five (5) By-laws which have been ratified by Council.

These By-laws are:

Permits and Penalties By-law 2019

To provide for a permit system, set penalties for breaches of by-laws, provide for certain matters pertaining to liability and evidence, set regulatory requirements and clarify the construction of Council’s by-laws.

1. Permits and Penalties By-Law 2019

Local Government Land By-law 2019

For the management of all land vested in or under the care, control and management of the Council.

2. Local Government Land By-Law 2019

Roads By-law 2019

For the management of roads vested in or under the control of the Council.

3. Roads By-Law 2019

Dogs By-law 2019

To limit the number of dogs that can be kept on premises and to provide for the control and management of dogs in the Council’s area.

4. Dogs By-Law 2019

Moveable Signs By-law 2019

To protect visual amenity and public safety on roads by setting standards for moveable signs and providing conditions for the design, construction and placement of such signs in a manner which recognises the advertising needs of businesses to maximise economic viability.

5. Moveable Signs By-Law 2019

Members of the public may inspect Council’s By-laws at the Principal Office of the Adelaide Plains Council at:

2a Wasleys Road,
Mallala SA 5502

On payment of a fee, a copy of these By-laws may be obtained.

Any queries in relation to Council’s By-laws must be in writing and directed to the Manager – Regulatory Services.