Council Assessment Panel

The Council Assessment Panel (CAP) was established under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016(‘PDI Act’) and commenced 1 October 2017. The role of the Panel is to assist Council with the assessment of more complex development applications against the relevant provisions of Council’s Development Plan.

Council Assessment Panel Members

Nathan Cunningham (Independent & Presiding Member)
Cherry Getsom (Independent Member)
Paul Mickan (Independent Member)
Ian O’Loan (Independent Member)
Frank Maiolo (Council Member)

Terry-Anne Keen (Council Deputy Member)

Mallala Council Development Plan

Guide to Development Plans and Development Plan Amendments

Guide to heading of representations

The Panel consists of an independent Presiding Member, three independent members and one Council member to form the five member panel with 2 deputy independent members, required under the Act.

Terms of Reference

Operating and Meeting Procedures (TBC)

Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP)

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The Role of Cap

Council’s Assessment Panel is administered by Council’s administration, and its key roles include:

  • The assessment and determination of development applications
  • The provision of advice to the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) on proposals determined by the SCAP.
  • The consideration of proposals subject to appeal to the Environment, Resources and Development Court
  • The consideration of other assessment matters referred to the Panel by Council’s Administration or those initiated by the CAP
  • Hearing representations from the public concerning applications that have been publicly notified
  • The role of the CAP may change over time as the Planning, Development Infrastructure Act, 2016 is implemented.

Further details on the role of panel members can be found here SA Planning Link

Meeting Location and Schedule

Meetings are open to the public and held on the first Wednesday of the month (where required) in the Mallala Council Chambers, Rebanks Road, Mallala, (or where decided by the CAP members) commencing at 5.30pm.

Meetings for 2020 are scheduled as follows:

Council Assessment Panel Meeting Schedule

Given that there are some months when meetings are not required (due to lack of applications to consider) it is recommended that you contact Council to confirm if intending to attend a particular meeting.

Minutes to be endorsed by the CAP are marked as DRAFT Minutes

Minutes and Agendas