Ordinary Council Meetings are held monthly in the Mallala Council Chamber, commencing at 6pm.

Ordinary Council Meeting Schedule 2020

Special Council Meetings are called by the Mayor, or three (3) or more Council Members, as required. When a Special Meeting is called, the Chief Executive Officer will display a Notice of Meeting on the Council website, and at the Mallala Principal Office and Two Wells Service Centre.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Council Meetings.

One of the most important functions undertaken by Council Members is attending Council Meetings, and participating in the decision-making process. Meetings also allow the Council Members to decide the Council's policy direction and make decisions on other statutory matters.

Decisions made at a Council Meeting provide the direction and authority for the Council's ongoing operations. These decisions give direction to the Chief Executive Officer, who in turn directs the Council staff to implement those decisions.

Council is a body corporate and can only make decisions by resolution. This means a motion must to be put to a properly-convened meeting and can only be passed by a majority vote. With the exception of the Mayor, who chairs the meeting, all members present at a council meeting vote on every motion put to the meeting. The Mayor has a casting vote only if the voting is tied.

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Minutes to be endorsed by Council are marked as DRAFT Minutes.

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