General Rate rebate for Residential and Primary Production Properties with Significant Valuation Increase in 2019/2020 Financial Year
In order to reduce the impact of valuation increase of properties on ratepayers, Councillors resolved to grant a discretionary rate rebate in relation to Primary Production and Residential properties.

Ratepayers will be eligible for a 100% rebate of the amount of general rates (excluding fixed charge) that exceeds the 2018/2019 general rates by more than 10% for Primary Production properties and 15% for Residential properties, subject to the following:-

(a) The property has not changed ownership since 1 July 2018; and/or

(b) The property has not been subject to improvements by way of a Development Application with a value in excess of $20,000 since 1 July 2018; and/or

(c) The property owner has exhausted all avenues for valuation objections under the Valuation of Land Act 1971.

Ratepayers can expect to receive their 2019/2020 Annual Rates Notice from around 29 July 2019.

The Rate Rebate Application Form is now available and can be accessed by visiting our Forms Page.

For more information about applying for the rate rebate, please contact Council’s Rates Officer on (08) 8527 0200.

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