Pursuant to Section 152 of the Local Government Act 1999, Council hereby adopted a fixed charge for the amount of $105.06 in respect of rateable land within the area. A waste collection service charge of $126.00 has also been levied to those properties that have access to the service.

The Adelaide Plains Council has 3 differential rates for the 2018//2019 financial year as per the rating structure.
All rateable properties are classified as follows:

Industry/Commercial 0.00601783 cents in the Dollar

Residential, Vacant Land & Other 0.00462942 cents in the Dollar

Primary Production 0.00420867 cents in the Dollar

An Overview of Council Rates

Council rates are governed by the Local Government Act 1999 (see Chapter 10 Rates and Charges) which can be found on the Parliamentary website:

Council rates are the single biggest source of revenue for councils, as each financial year a council must adopt a budget and then set the rates according to the revenue needed. Councils have a variety of rating options available and need to determine the fairest method to use for their local community. Options include having a single rate apply to all properties or a different rate according to property uses and location.

Council uses capital value (land plus improvements) and differential rating for determining what share of the total rate revenue individual ratepayers are required to pay.

These valuations are provided by the State Valuation Office, however ratepayers may object to valuations if they consider them to be inaccurate.

These objections should be directed to ph 1300 653 345

Payment of Rates

Each ratepayer must be given the opportunity to pay their rates in quarterly instalments.
The instalment dates for this financial year are:

07 September 2018
07 December 2018
01 March 2019
07 June 2019

Advance Payments

Ratepayers may choose to make fortnightly or monthly payments in advance towards their rates if this suits their budgetary circumstances. No interest is paid on these amounts due to the additional transaction processing costs associated with this service.

Postponement of Rates

Residential property owners with a Seniors Card may apply to postpone payment of rates until the property is sold. Postponed rates are a charge on the land. Statutory interest will continue to be charged on postponed rates but will be payable on sale of the property.

Late Payment of Rates

The Local Government Act provides that Councils impose a penalty of a 2% fine on any payment for rates, whether instalment or otherwise, that is received late. A payment that continues to be late is then charged an interest rate, set each year according to a formula in the Act, for each month it continues to be late.

Discretionary Rebates

The Local Government Act 1999 enables Council to grant discretionary rebates up to 100% for land used for the purposes of a community benefit. Council has adopted a policy concerning such rebates; further information can be obtained by contacting the Rates Officer on Tel 8527 0200

Any ratepayer who may, or is likely to experience difficulty with meeting these payment dates is invited to contact the Rates Officer, Tel 8527 0200 to discuss alternative payment arrangements. Such enquiries are treated confidentially by the Council.

A rate cannot be challenged on the basis of non-compliance with this policy and rates must be paid in accordance with the required payment provisions.


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