Solo Resources will collect bins every weekday, inclusive of Public Holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. For more information on the changes regarding public holidays please click the link below

Kerbside Collection Services on Public Holidays.pdf(131 kb)


Bin Calendars and My Local Services

For a copy of the current 2019-2020 Waste Calendar please click here

or Download the My Local Services App to get a friendly reminder each week.

Download My Local Services App

Alternatively a copy of the calendar can be collected from our Council offices please click here for information on our office locations and opening hours.

As a quick reference to find out what day your street has waste, recycling and organics collection occurring please click here.
Should you require further clarification please contact Solo Resource Recover on (08) 8295 5077.


Township Waste Collection Maps

Note: the information provided below is based on information when Council was conducting Kerbside Collection, this may differ than services currently being provided by Solo Resource Recovery, Updated information will be provided when available.

To see routes taken previously when collecting bins please visit Township Waste Collection Maps


Bin Information

As part of this service, residents in the townships of Two Wells, Dublin and Mallala are being issued with 140L red waste bin, and 240L yellow recycle bin. Those residents in the townships of Two Wells, Dublin and Mallala who have opted for the Green Organics service will also receive a 240L green bin and kitchen caddy. Residents in the remaining areas will receive a 240L red waste bin, and 240L yellow recycle bin.

For more information please click here

New Bin System

What can I/can't I put in the New Bins?

When you receive your new bin you will notice that it includes an education kit. The kit contains a reusable coffee cup, biodegradable pen made from fully recycled material, a tote bag and fact sheets to provide guidance around what goes in what bin and a colouring in competition.

Please sort your waste correctly and help achieve our goal of wasting less and recycling more. Together we can make a difference.

For copies of the fact sheets please find them below:

What goes in my Red Bin?(287 kb)

What goes in my Yellow Bin?(313 kb)

What goes in my Green Bin?(413 kb)

or visit to learn more.

What do I do if my bin is missed or stolen?

If your bin is missed or stolen please contact Solo Resource Recovery using the following methods



Phone: 1300 GO SOLO (1300 46 76 56)

Adelaide Plains Council Waste Transfer Stations

Transfer Station Locations
Note - Asbestos or suspected asbestos containing material will NOT be accept at either facility under any circumstances.

Combined Waste Stream Transfer Station - Adelaide Plains Council

for a print friendly version of the above document click here.

Transfer Station Fees               





Car Boot $ 27.00   $ 16.00
Station Wagon $ 37.00   $ 22.00
Wheelie Bin $ 11.00   $ 11.00
Small Trailer (6x4, 7x4) level to standard sides $ 47.00   $ 32.00
Small Trailer (6x4, 7x4) with raised sides $ 69.00   $ 42.00
Ute/Van $ 47.00   $ 32.00
Ute with raised sides $ 69.00   $ 42.00
Large Trailer (8x4, 8x5) level to standard sides $ 95.00   $ 59.00
Large Trailer (8x4, 8x5) with raised sides $ 120.00   $ 74.00
Large Trailer (10x5) level to standard sides $ 95.00   $ 59.00
Large Trailer (10x5) with raised sides $ 120.00   $ 74.00
Large Trailer (10x6 and over) level to standard sides $ 100.00   $ 64.00
Large Trailer (10x6 and over) with raised sides $ 130.00   $ 79.00
Light Trucks up to 2 tonne with standard sides $ 100.00   $ N/A
Light Trucks up to 2 tonne with raised sides $ 130.00   $ N/A
Matttress Disposal $ 16.00   $ 12.00

Car Tyres

Car $ 16.00   11.00
Light Truck  $ 27.00   $ 16.00
Truck  $ 47.00   $ 32.00
Tractor  $ 74.00   $ 47.00

Other Disposal Items

Engine Oil $ FREE   $ FREE
E-Waste $ FREE   $ FREE
Batteries $ FREE   $ FREE
Ag chemical drums compliant with drum muster regulations $ FREE   $ FREE
(Thursday afternoons only - Bookings Essential - (08) 8527 0200)          


Sort 'n' Save - Waste that is sent to Landfill is Expensive to you and the Environment

Have your waste sorted before you arrive at the Resource Recovery Centre or be prepared to PROPERLY SORT IT when unloading your waste and your fee may be reduced.

ORGANIC (prunings, food waste)

SCRAP METAL (bikes, bird cages)

DRY RECYCLABLES (any material that is combustible)



LANDFILL (any object that does not fit in to any of the above categories)


I have a question about my Kerbside Collection Service

If you are unsure or if you have any questions relating to Council’s Kerbside Collection Service please contact our service provider, Solo Resource Recovery on  1300 GO SOLO (1300 46 76 56)

I have a question about Council's Waste Transfer Stations

If you have a question relating to Council's Transfer Stations please contact Council by

Phone: (08) 8527 0200


and our friendly staff will attempt to answer your questions.

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