Confidential Items Register

From time to time, the public may be excluded from Council and Committee meetings.

Section 90 of the Local Government Act 1999 provides that a Council or Council Committee may order the public to be excluded from attendance at a meeting.

To do this the Council or Committee must apply for an order which will specify the:-

  • reason for the order;
  • duration of the order; or
  • the circumstances in which the order will cease to apply; or
  • a period after which the order must be reviewed.

Council or a Council Committee will only make an order that a document associated with a discussion from which the public are excluded will remain confidential if it is considered proper and necessary in the broader community interest.

A review of the reports or documents that are the subject of orders of confidentiality are conducted to ensure that items are released to the public, in accordance with the resolutions of Council. Council must review its confidential orders at least once every year.

To view Council's Confidential Items Register, click here.

Released reports and minutes can be accessed here.