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Lost and Found Animals

I've Lost my Dog

As a dog owner, there are numerous options available for you to report your missing dog.  Council encourages you to login to DACO and update the status of your dog to 'Lost' then contact either of the following organisations:

Contact Phone NumberWebsite
Adelaide Plains Council (08) 8527 0200
Animal Welfare League (08) 8348 1300
RSPCA Headquarters 1300 477 722
Local Vet Clinics   

I've Found a Dog

Council encourages you to call our main office on (08) 8527 0200 to report a wandering dog.

If you find a lost dog outside of business hours, please call our after hour’s number on 0408 811 065

For animals found, our Community Safety Officer will attend to collect the animal from you as soon as possible.

Impounded Dogs List

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What if my Dog is NOT on the Impound List

If your dog is not in the impound listing please contact the Council on (08) 8527 0200 to report your dog missing, so we can confirm whether we have it impounded or not, as it may not appear online yet. If the dog has not been impounded by Council we will record your dog as missing and contact you if found at a later date.

The Animal Welfare League also have their own impounded dogs list which can be found at In addition you should contact the Animal Welfare League on 8348 1300, the RSPCA on 1300 477 722 and local vet clinics. You may also wish to use social media to report your dog as missing.

When reporting a lost dog include its registration number, name, sex, breed, colour, age, whether it has been micro-chipped or wearing a collar and any other identifiable features. Also include where your dog was last seen.

How do I Claim my Dog from Council

You must first verify your dog has been impounded by the Council. Once you have confirmed your dog has been impounded, please attend the Two Wells Council Office. In order for Council staff to release the dog you must provide suitable ID (e.g. drivers licence, proof of age).

Please be aware dogs impounded by Council are only released once payment is received of all relevant fees, pursuant to Section 62 of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995. In addition, if your dog is not registered as required by Section 33(1) of the Act, we will require registration to be paid prior to release.


Current fees relating to impounded dogs are as follows:

  • Initial Impound fee - $55
  • Daily Pound Holding fee - $25

Please note an expiation notice for the following alleged offences (where relevant) may also be issued in relation to an impounded dog:

  • Dog deemed to be wandering at large - $210
  • Keeping of an unregistered dog - $170