Gifts Register

Sometimes a member of the community might offer a staff member or Council member a gift or other benefit. This might be as a genuine thank you for a job well done, or, with ulterior motives in an attempt to influence their decision-making.

While Council policy has always supported the following position, now the law also requires that any benefit must be refused if:

  • It is given in an attempt to influence, or
  • If receiving it would, in the mind of a reasonable person, be perceived that it would prevent the receiver’s ability to act impartially.

Council's Code of Conduct for Council Members and Employees respectively, assists our Council Members and Employees to understand what, if any, gift and benefits is appropriate to receive and when it is appropriate to do so, while they act on behalf of Adelaide Plains Council.

When it is appropriate for a gift or benefit to be received, that item will be entered into the either Council Members' or the Employees' Gifts and Benefits Register in pursuit of the principle of open and transparent government.